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Thread: whizzing sound after new chain n sprockets change

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    whizzing sound after new chain n sprockets change

    Hi, just changed out my stock sprockets and chains after 41k km.....I know that's a very high mileage but it was still ok for another few ks just that the sound of the chain was getting louder after adjustments. Anyway I swapped the old ones out with OEM sprockets and a rk gb520xso chain with clip link. My mech did the proper installation with a chain tool. I noticed there's a whizzing sound coming near the chain when I accelerated the bike after travelling for awhile but none on decelartion . Is it the sound of the new chain or some other mechanical noise? Been on shafts n belt bikes for the last 12years n tis is the sprocket n chain change I had after owing the bike for 4.5years. any advice would be appreciated .

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    as i recall they do not recommend clip links for the NC. not saying that's causing it, but...

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    Verify with your Mech, whether he replaced the chain slider.
    After that many kms, chain may have been OK, but I doubt
    the plastic slider lasts that long.
    If he did not, consider firing him/her.

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    3 possibilities I can think of.....

    chain is slightly out of alignment. I'd double check that as just a little off from perfect can make a little noise. I've done that and had the noise change.

    The old chain was so old and noisy you forgot what a proper chain sounds like.

    Chain and sprocket just need a little time on them to wear in together.

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    Check alignment, i.e. that the tire/axle is square. Also check the tension and make sure the chain is not too tight.

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    Agree on the tension check............for some reason many seem to over tension the NC chain.

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    New chain-sprocket sets seem to always be noisier, or noisy in a different way, than old. Tighter chains are always noisier than looser ones (within normal limits). Sometimes I run a brand new chain a little looser because of this.

    Your slider should not be worn out yet. If it is, it was a bad one or there was some other issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenboy View Post
    as i recall they do not recommend clip links for the NC. not saying that's causing it, but...
    I think no one really recommends clip links for anything, they are much less secure than riveted links. However a clip link vs rivet link shouldn't have an effect on that noise I wouldn't think.

    My first two steps would be checking alignment and tension, after that I would figure it's probably just normal noise that will either stay the same due to differences in chains (from OEM) or get better as things wear in together. If it gets worse, that's definitely cause for alarm.

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