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Thread: No good deed goes unpunished (in this case cleaning the chain)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainsail View Post
    You do realize that WD-40 is neither a cleaner nor a lubricant....right?
    I do realize many of us use WD40 in regular chain maintenance..........most be a dozen posts on the topic.

    ADVRIDER has more than 50 threads on the topic along with a long term WD40 test and oring compatibility.

    Chain maintenance and servicing is one of those HOT topics including cleaning, lube choices, service interval, replacement interval.
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    Senior Member No good deed goes unpunished (in this case cleaning the chain)
    No good deed goes unpunished (in this case cleaning the chain)
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    WD40 works wonders on the rear wheel - excess chain lube, oil/road grime, you name it. Just keep it off the tires. Also helps isolate any pesky squeaks without leaving an oily residue.

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