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Thread: Chain life

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    Quote Originally Posted by rippin209 View Post
    I've had both happen on my NC, the links would get stuff spots (multiple places and stiff enough that you could hear and kind of feel it when riding) the other is when it stretches beyond what you can adjust on the swing arm, it got so lose that it actually fell off (my commute to work is 60 miles, 58 of that being freeway and it fell off on a two lane road a block from my place of work) luckily if it's lose enough to come off it'll go back on Chain life

    I rode home driving like grandpa and parked it until I replaced the chain

    This is the first motorcycle I've owned and the first I've worked on, so I've made some rookie mistakes, live and learn
    Lol awesome! I know what to look for now!

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    Another reason to replace it is if it gets inconsistent: if slack changes dramatically as you spin the rear wheel, it's overdue for replacement.
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