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Thread: Not a great start to 2015 for me

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    +100 what everyone said.

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    Saxeus, very sorry for the loss of your parents.

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    You don't need any particular place to ride, you don't need any particular road to ride, and you sure don't need any particular reason to ride. Just Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nothing settles the soul better than the "Freedom Of the Open Road".

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    Why not seize the pleasure at once? -- How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, and foolish planning? Just do it. Shut the frunk up and Ride !!!!!!!!!!

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    Not the best video. Harley guy driving car to work and only riding when he gets home with perfect weather.
    Apply dog logic to life:
    "Eat Well, Be Loved, Get Petted, Sleep A Lot, and Dream Of A Leash Free World."


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    So sorry for your loss. I hope riding, and sharing with others, helps you find some bit of peace. Best to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckyon View Post
    Take your time and don't give yourself any destination other than your street address for the end of the trip.
    sounds like a good direction for life.

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