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Thread: Ride on AMC

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    Ride on AMC

    I caught Ride on AMC this past Sunday, pretty cool show with different road trip each week. Good to see a motorcycle show on TV.

    Ride on AMC-ride-jpg

    Ride with Norman Reedus – AMC

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    I watched the Texas one. It was fun.

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    Then Came Bronson !

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    That video is awesome. Never heard of that show. I was riding in the 80's when there was not a helmet law in California and I am guilty of riding without my helmet whenever I was just cruising my neighborhood. I used to ride with a bathing suit and a tank top with no helmet. That was really stupid but I was only 16 and the only thing I could afford was the bike and some old BMX helmet. People rode and drove a lot slower back then with the 55 mph max speed limit.

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    The Traveling Biker

    Anyone remember the TV show from the early 90's that had a father and his teenage son traveling from town to town on his Harley Heritage Softail? They would remain in the town for a period of time and then move on to another. It was sort of like Route 66 without the Corvette. The main character has since died and I can't remember his name. I would like to find it on the net but can't recall the title or actor!

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    Isn't there an Adventure bike show that just started on one of these smaller channels? I know it was supposed to start in the last month.. but I can't remember what it was called or what it was going to be on?

    Ride is OK... It's just not making me look forward that much to seeing the next episode. I think it's trying to maintain that "Biker" feel instead of the LOVE and passion of riding. There is a little of that in it, but they seem to be concerned about how they look more than the riding sometimes.

    ***Edit*** Ok, I found it.. it's on the Travel channel called African Motorcycle Diaries. This looks like a real life motorcycle riding show not bent toward a "BIker" image like most others.
    Here is a link to the web page
    Spencer Conway - African Motorcycle Diaries

    African motorcycle adventure on TV - Motorbike Writer
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