View Full Version : Planning on Riding out this weekend

17th March 2015, 07:00
Planning on heading out this weekend to give my camping setup a try. Plan is to leave out of Louisville Saturday morning and head to Natural Bridge area. If there are anyone who wants to ride along, let me know. I have no real route planned, and will probably end up lost at some point...

17th March 2015, 07:11
You going to camp out the weekend, or ride down, setup, then ride back? I may be interested in riding down and then make my way back up (I don't camp). Going to be cool this weekend though but sunny.

17th March 2015, 07:27
Depending on the weather, I will be attempting to camp. If you just want to ride about and head home, that's cool too. I am doing the Icrbreaker campout next weekend down in Cave City with some of the other ADV guys, so I want to check the gear before I go. I only just got my saddlebags, so I want to check the load out.

May also run up the KY river (east side) and check some of the old abandoned distilleries as well. Route is completely open, so who knows.

17th March 2015, 07:58
What time you want to head out and where you want to meet up?

17th March 2015, 08:01
Sigh..... So little time, so many options.......

You guys have a great time!

17th March 2015, 08:30
Looking at the weather for Saturday, I may be thinking we leave out from E.P. Tom Sawyer Park, Freys Hill Road, Louisville, KY 40241 about 9am. Supposed to be 50 at that point.

17th March 2015, 08:34
Sounds good, I will wear my cool weather gear (I have to leave the house at 8am).

17th March 2015, 09:09
You haven't ridden yet until you ride thru red river gorge and thru the tunnel, not far from Natural Bridge-same exit off of Mountain parkway; natural bridge is west of Mountain Parkway and Red River Gorge is on the East side of Mountain Parkway. If you are afraid of the dark or very tight places, don't do the tunnel, it is only one car width wide and have to take turns, either the west bound or east bound (like a one lane bridge), about 200 yards in complete darkness (our little lights don't light it up much), oh, and the roadbed is usually wet.

17th March 2015, 09:18
That tunnel is one of the waypoints I want to hit this weekend. I am hoping it will be early enough there wont be too many people. I have no problem following once we get close, and I will have some maps with me, so we can look and see how we want to go.

Zombies I'm afraid of. However, the dark, only when there are zombies.